“Chloe McEwen: A Beacon of Hope for Mental Health and Fitness”

As the Miss Yorkshire stage of the Miss England event unfolds in Doncaster on October 1st, eyes will be set on 21-year-old Chloe McEwen. Representing Harrogate, Chloe isn’t just a Level 3 fitness trainer vying for a title. She stands as an emblem of hope for those journeying through the complexities of mental health and seeking recovery via fitness.

For Chloe, the competition is more than a mere pageant. She is on a mission: to inspire and assist others in embracing fitness as a powerful tool for mental health recovery.

A glimpse into Chloe’s past reveals her ironclad resilience. At 16, she faced a challenging eight-month hospitalization, where she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. This period saw her gain significant weight, adding almost four stone. Yet, Chloe’s tale is one of triumphant resurgence. With commitment to fitness, a healthier lifestyle, and an unwavering circle of support, she reclaimed her life and ignited a passion to empower others.

Today, Chloe channels her experience into providing support and motivation. Understanding the nuances of self-motivation, she passionately advocates for maintaining discipline, stressing that even small, consistent steps can catalyze profound change.

“The joy of persistence is boundless,” Chloe emphasizes. Her own happiness and positivity are deeply intertwined with her fitness routines, and nothing brings her more fulfillment than witnessing the transformative journeys of her clients.

Highlighting the rising tide of mental health challenges — with an alarming 56% of the UK population grappling with mental health issues — Chloe’s vision is clear. If she can light the path for even one soul to overcome their adversities, her purpose is achieved.

More than the dazzle of beauty pageants, Chloe’s narrative is about harnessing her platform for a grander cause. A beacon of determination, she champions the belief that, armed with resolve and the right support, anyone can overcome mental health adversities and achieve holistic wellness through fitness. Chloe supports Sports Traider helping young people get NEW sports kits from their 13 nationwide stores for less than a lunch price

Currently, Chloe is shaping champions in a quaint private gym and conducting classes at an elite Health Club in Harrogate. Join her in this transformative journey.

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